What Everybody Should Know about the Best Brunch in Buenos Aires

3 Aug

Living in France defined my life and heavily influenced who I was, am and will be. But after three years of rubbing elbows with the Parisians in the smelly metro (really…why does it smell so bad??), living in a tiny room that I shared with my fiancé and having to hear 10,000 “uhhh, bahhh oui, ah!” a day, I said enough is enough! Bring on South America! I wanted palm trees and exotic foods, hot music and sexy, sweaty men (Ok, I admit I didn’t know that much about South America before moving here..)

One good thing about leaving France for Argentina was that I realized how much I love France and how big a part she has played in my life. (Please, please take back!!) Although, I’m sure that when I go back to Europe, I’ll be desperately missing my querido South America.

Such is life. But, one thing that I have brought with me from France to Buenos Aires, is my love of food, good food. My last year in Paris I spent studying the art of French bread and pastries, I scoured the city as if on a treasure hunt for the best baguettes and described wildly to my fiancé the complex process this mixture of flour, yeast, salt and water must go through in order to create such a flavor explosion in your mouth. “Do you know how this is made?? Cold-fermentation, my boy! That’s the ticket!”

Somewhere during this bread quest, I stumbled upon Le Pain Quotidien. Probably the best brunch in all of France. They fill your table with an assortment of baguettes, pain de campagne, pain au chocolate, confiture, yaourt….oh là là! And the restaurant itself was stunning to look at; big wooden tables, cabinets filled with dainty tea pots and cups, I’d call it feminine rustic…or femustic.

Bread at Le Blé

Photo by Martin Volman

That’s why when I walked into Le Blé last weekend, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

One of the questions that most expats or visitors in Buenos Aires ask themselves, I know I did when I first moved here, is: Where can I eat a great brunch?

I used to think there were several answers to this question.

1) If you want to eat really well and don’t mind slapping down 80p, then Olsen in Palermo Hollywood is your best bet.

2) For an authentic American brunch for the budget-concious traveller, Gringa is a must.

3) If you’re stuck between sweet and savory and looking for a café style atmosphere Café Crespin serves up some amazing French toast and equally amazing Tuna Salad Croissants.

I’m happy to announce however, that I have discovered the truly best brunch in Buenos Aires, and you won’t find a single pancake or eggs benedict on the menu. People, I’m talking about the all-mighty European-style brunch. We all know that European is better!

Le Blé offers a weekend brunch that is hard to beat. For 50 pesitos, you can eat all you want and drink as much OJ and minty, ginger lemonade as possible. The brunch is set up on a large, wooden table in the back and includes baguettes, eggs, creative sandwiches, cheese and cold cuts, yogurts, muffins, dessert and much more. Best of all, it’s absolutely delicious.

Muffins at Le Blé

Photo by Martin Volman

Now, I won’t say this is an AUTHENTIC French restaurant…the owner is actually from Belgium, and that may be why the bread and pain au chocolat aren’t exactly quite right. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but if you are really looking for authentic French breads and sweets, than I do recommend L’Epi, which tastes as amazing as anything you’ll find in France. Unfortunately, L’Epi is only a boulangerie, and there is no where to sit down.

So, here comes the finale, the big secret….I went to Le Blé on Saturday and loved it so much that I returned on Sunday!! And I’m going back this weekend!! Ahhhh, I absolutely nuts!!

What about you? Where do you enjoy brunching in Buenos Aires?

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