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Bourbon Boston Cream Pie and Macarons

14 May

Bourbon Boston Cream PieWhen cooking at school (I take classes at ISMM), everything usually turns out pretty damn good. The teacher is there to help you, you’ve got all the right equipment and ingredients, the oven thermometer is accurate, a big plus is pastry making. So when we made chocolate macarons in class, I was convinced they were the easiest things in the world! Fast forward a few weeks to a frustrated cook peeling wax paper off the back of cracked and sunken macarons…I can now tell you it’s pretty fucking hard.

But really, why is it so hard to get the macarons perfect? Why do we even need it to be perfect? Leave it to the French to create a complicated, impossible recipe that only a select few can make when the wind is blowing at just the right speed. Reminds me of the fact that there is only one man in all of France, in all of the world (!) who can put an apostille on your document to make it official…sorry, expat ranting.

But in the face of disaster, there is always hope! My hope was a large bowl of bourbon-spiked ganache…which should have been the filling for my macarons, but instead turned out to be the perfect icing on my cake….or rather, Boston cream pie. Continue reading

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