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Put down the mate, pick up the mote. Santiago, Part 1.

8 Jul

I have to admit something. These past two weeks I’ve been depressed. You see, two weeks ago, the husband and I took a fabulous weekend trip to Santiago de Chile, which during we took tons of pictures (which is really difficult for us) but when we got back home…the camera was nowhere to be found! I was sooo upset that we had lost the pictures of this trip, the best entire trip of my life! So, you can understand why I’ve been avoiding blogging these last few days….what’s there to write about?

Fast-forward to this evening, I decided to give one last look around the house before calling it quits, so I open up my junk drawer, which is filled with papers, sand (yes sand, don’t ask), coins, pencils and other odds and ends, and which I’ve looked through a 1,000 times, and voilá! what do I see? My precious camera with all my Santiago pics! Life is good again.
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