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Alternative Theatre in Buenos Aires

21 Sep

Naturaleza Muerta Buenos AiresAbout a week after first arriving to Buenos Aires, my husband invited me to see a play by a local theater group of which his friends were part. Being the curious, culturally-interested girl that I was at the time I accepted. Unfortunately for me, the play we went to see was a strange musical about the Argentina revolution, or something to that effect, and with my basic Spanish skills and scarce knowledge of Argentine history, I wasn’t able to catch a thing.

So, a few months ago when my husband proposed another play to see together, my first reaction was “NO, thank you.” However, after some pushing and shoving, I conceded. I’m such a good wife. Or a pushover. Continue reading

The Truth About Living Abroad : 5 Things You Didn’t Expect, Part 2

12 Sep

In a previous post of The Truth About Living Abroad : 5 Things You Didn’t Expect, I discussed the dangers of losing your maternal language. In fact, there’s much more at stake than just the language you’ve spoken your entire life…what about your friends, family and loved ones? Do they love you enough love to you from a distance?

That’s right, the second danger of living abroad that no one ever talks to you about is: The loss of friends. I don’t mean to be so negative so early in a post, in fact I don’t feel this is a negative situation, it’s a very real and normal reaction to two (or more) people not being around each other constantly. Continue reading

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