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Why I cook and other revelations

19 Jun
Why I cook

Offering my 1st medialuna to the gods (you)

If you know me in real life, you are familiar with my crazy, anxious (some say overly-exaggerated and aggressive) personality. If you’ve ever cooked with me, you know that I’m one to bite if you get in my way, take the spoon out of your hand if you’re stirring wrong, and spank you if I feel like it. But you also know that I’m critical, demanding and hold myself and what I make to high standards and also very, very generous when it comes to feeding people carbs and sweet things.

I loved the idea of cooking from a young age. My mom had a huge red and white checkered Betty Crocker Cookbook. To me, it seemed like the bible, and I treated like that, reading through the recipes almost every day, drooling over the glossy photos; from pies to roast meats to canning fruits, this cookbook had it all. It was a revelation to me: this is how food is made! I never did try anything out, at that age, I liked the cookbooks, but cooking wasn’t my forte. Continue reading

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