My Gourmet Market in Palermo

28 Jul

I’m a Palermo Hollywood girl through-and-through. I love my neighborhood. I love the big, leafy trees that line the roads. I love the hip, over-priced restaurants and bars. And I love the fact that on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when walking back from yoga in my sweats, I often see celebrities like Ricardo Darín, Federico Aubele or Guillermo Martinez, sitting in a café, enjoying a lunch with friends. I really love the atmosphere.

What I don’t love so much is the lack of acceptable grocery stores in the area. Sure, we have a “chino” around the corner, but we all know how much they jack up their prices. And there’s always Jumbo nearby, but they are almost as bad as the chino with overpricing products. Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve been “accidently” over-charged at Jumbo. ALWAYS be vigilent and double-check your receipt!

So, I was really happy when I found the Bodega Amparo, the perfect blend of good location, good prices and good quality. What can you get at the Bodega Amparo? Ok, well it’s not your normal supermarket, so you won’t find milk and paper towels here, but they DO have this giant jar of Maille mustard for only 63 pesos! I got addicted to Maille when living in France and am so glad to find a good local hook-up.

Giante jar of Maille Mustard

This mustard means business.

They also have a great selection of cold cuts and cheese, including the best turkey and cheddar cheese I’ve found in Buenos Aires. Friendly tip: beware the sliced turkey in Buenos Aires! It’s often filled with gelatin and fake turkey flavor…yuck.

Their wine selection is pretty decent, with discounts if you buy 6 or more bottles. You’ll find dried herbs and spices, lots and cheap. All different types of flours, brown sugar, chocolates, olive oils, bulk nuts, you got your Mexican products, your Asian products, your gluten-free…look, they’ve pretty much got EVERYTHING a modern, hip chef may need.

OH, and best of all..they have a fruit and vegetable market onsite with pretty decent prices. Although, I won’t vouch for the quality as I’ve never actaully bought from there…we’ve got a nice vegetable man who delivers to our door 🙂

They’ve recently relocated from a creepy location under the bridge, to another location, still under the bridge, but much less creepy and look how beautiful the new store is!

Bodega Amparo

Stolen from the Bodega Amparo Website...Gracias!

If you are in Palermo and looking for some good-quality and hard-to-find gourmet products, check out Bodega Amparo!

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