Pie of the week: Rustic Strawberry Tart

31 Jul

Tarta rustica de frutilla? Si, por favor!
Rustic Strawberry Tart? Yes, please!

Rise and Bake

Tarta de frutilla

I grew up on a farm. Really, I did. I was one of those wild-childs that during the summer months ran around without shoes until my feet were black, stuffed my face with fresh raspberries off the bush, chased bees on dandelions during the day and caught fireflies with mason jars by night. It was a fantastic thing growing up there, and maybe explains my somewhat unrefined, untamed personality that I have now. This pie is an ode to those summer days on the farm. Strawberries have been popping up in verdulerias lately, just screaming to be used in a pie like this. It’s rustic, free-form crust is delicate and sprinkled with ground almonds, the strawberry filling is sweet, juicy, with just the right amount of tang.

ORDER NOW: Rustic Strawberry Pie 9-inch, $60 pesosStrawberry tart

Yo crecí en una granja. Posta. Yo era una niña salvaje  que durante los…

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