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23 Jul

A delicious reason to order a pie this week!

Rise and Bake

Cookie Pie of the Week
Do you remember that store in the mall that sold giant cookie pies with a “Happy Birthday” or “I love you” scrawled out in icing? I always wanted one of those…something about a giant cookie was just so tempting to me. I never did get one, but no problem, because I’m positive this Chocolate chip toffee cookie pie is 1,000 times better. Made with browned butter, semi-sweet chocolate and toasted flour, it’s got a distinctive toffee flavor and a wonderful chewy, crunchy texture.

Chocolate chip toffee cookie pie, 9 inch pie serves 8 people. Order yours today for only 60 pesos!Cookie pie of the week

Don’t want a whole pie? Order a dozen balls of frozen cookie dough! Just pop them in the oven whenever you want a hot, gooey chocolate chip cookie!

Order your dozen of ready-to-bake cookie dough balls for only 40 pesos!

Hecho con mantequilla dorada, chocolate semi-amargo y harina tostada…

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