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Happiest place on earth: Doña Clara, Casa de Reposteria

14 Jul

Doña ClaraI told myself I wouldn’t do it. I promised that this weekend I would hold myself back. That I wouldn’t spend another beautiful, sunny weekend inside, happily chained to the oven, covered in flour and listening to punk music. My complexion has been getting paler and paler, that I almost have a strange, transparent gleam in my face. Ok. So I’ll get outside, some fresh air, a bit of sunshine. But what do pastry chefs do when they’re not baking??

They go to the pastry porn shop aka the casa de reposteria de Doña Clara, which has just about anything you could possibly want, no matter how you like it. The shelves are lined with everything you could possibly fantasize about: pastry tips of all shapes and sizes, hard to find ingredients like glucose and fondant, they’ve even got miniature nativity scenes made out of hardened sugar (hey, if that’s your thing).
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