Can’t-Miss Brunch in Buenos Aires Province

28 Mar

If you know anything about me, it should be that brunch is my ultimate weakness. I often wake up starving, clutching my stomach from the hunger pains, so desperate that only the heartiest of meals can satisfy me.

You probably remember when I told you what everybody should know about the best brunch in Buenos Aires – and I’m sticking to my claim that Le Blé is the place to brunch, although, hot damn does Home hotel have a delicious brunch burger.

Bueno, pero – we can’t just stay in capital the entire weekend. We must step out and breath the fresh provincial air! And for times like these I only recommend one place…

Villa OcampoVilla Ocampo

Located in San Isidro, just a hop, skip and hour drive from capital is the house of writer Victoria Ocampo, and man was her family loaded. The house is gigantic and there is lots of green space surronding it. Girl was wicked cool too and had everyone visiting her here, from Borges to Gandhi to Virginia Woolf. You can tour the house and check out all her knick-knacks and old timey toilets, my personal favorite was her library, so many wonderful books!

But the real gem of Villa Ocampo is their small restaurant that serves a variety of brunch, lunch and tea-time options. To be honest, the brunch menu is a farse. Way too over-priced for what they offer. But when Victor and I went, being the resourceful little cheapskates we are, we opted for a delicious lomo with papas prensadas, which is like a delicious potato gratin, and one of the tea menu options which included an assortment of sweets, sandwiches, scones and other goodies. Now get this- the price of our two meals combined was equal to the price of one brunch menu! MWAHAHAHAHAA! And we got everything you could possibly want in a good brunch: protein, sugar, carbs and caffiene. Not to mention a beautiful park to stretch out in and take a little snooze afterwards.

Kelly Villa Ocampo



For more information check out the Villa Ocampo website, it has all the information you need.

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